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Each year, some 80,000 solvent businesses whose owners are 60 years old or more are simply wound up, when they could have been sold on as a going concern. After all the hard years of building up your business, you quite rightly want to be rewarded.

Retirement is one of the most common reasons given for selling a business. When the time comes that you want to leave the world of work behind, if there is no one suitable, or willing, to take over your business, then the best option is to sell up.

The benefit of selling due to retirement is that there is often ample time available in order to plan an exit strategy.

We understand that when you have spent years building a business, you have invested your lifeblood in it.

You have a loyal workforce who you want looking after and you are, after all, leaving a legacy that should be cared for and carried on.

Having built businesses ourselves, we understand that leaving your life's work in safe hands is important.

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